USA Route Planner & US Mileage Calculator

Here is our USA version of the free mapping tool for you... just enter your start zip code or US town / city and destination zip code or town / city into the text boxes below and click the 'calculate US route' button and the map underneath will display the road map of the best route plan by road between the USA zip codes / places that you entered. Not only that, this USA route planner will also calculate the direct distances between the two zip codes / places and the approximate journey duration!

From (USA zip code or town):
To (USA zip code or town):


The distances returned by this free mapping tool are shown in miles as well as in metric km and the route distances shown are for point to point / as the crow flies distance as well as the road mileage i.e. the distance by road of the journey between the entered US zip codes, towns or cities. This free utility was developed with a mapping API and could be turned into a route planner, taxi fare calculator or delivery charge calculator for your website... if you want to know more then contact Driving now.

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